Is Radon Testing Really Necessary

For all the many perks, purchasing or even maintaining home can be stressful and costly. Even with new builds, it can seem something always demands time and/or money. Understandable then that any concern about the presence of… Read more

Electrical Tales From the Eastern Shore

1 Big Wire = 3 Small Wires Task: To install an additional kitchen cabinet. Problem: Main electrical panel is in the way. Solution: Move the panel 2 feet to the left. Problem:  Incoming power cable won’t reach. Solution: Add… Read more

Dangerous Decks

This deck had a big problem! Fortunately, most of the deck problems we see are not nearly as severe. The methods and materials of deck construction are pretty much out of the consciousness of most people until you… Read more

Crawlspace Sense

After twenty two years of inspecting houses with crawlspaces, I have become alarmed at how many of these spaces are not performing as they were intended. After much thought and analysis, I have become a believer in… Read more

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